Our vision: Keeping products in a loop

Working towards a sustainable future by providing circular tools and ecosystems.
β€œIf it can’t be reduced, reused, repaired, rebuilt, refurbished, refinished, resold, recycled or composted, then it should be restricted, redesigned or removed from production.”
- Pete Seeger

At our core, we believe in the power of the circular economy to drive positive change. Founded by a team of passionate individuals, we are dedicated to promoting regenerative behaviors and providing innovative SaaS solutions that empower businesses to make a positive impact on the planet. Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable future for all.

The founders of koorvi Andrea Schneller and Mario Schneller on the Circulaze Summit 2022

This is our approach.

Our Code of Collaboration drives sustainable growth and collective success at koorvi.

Code of Collaboration

At koorvi, our ethos is deeply rooted in fostering collaboration and nurturing ecosystems in a spirit of mutual growth. We operate on the basis of a unique Code of Collaboration, carefully designed to embed regenerative principles into every partnership and project we undertake. This code is not just a set of guidelines, but a commitment to ensure that our collaborations are designed to create systems that thrive on renewal, resilience and shared prosperity.

Our approach is always to seek win-win scenarios, where the success of one is the success of all, reflecting our belief that real progress can only be achieved through collective effort and mutual benefit. This philosophy extends beyond our immediate partnerships to our wider engagement with communities and industries, with the aim of catalyzing positive change that benefits the planet and people alike.



We have an eye for the big picture to seize opportunities for change.



We want to shape change together and build on strong ecosystems.



We use technology as an enabler to make sustainability available to everyone.

The team behind koorvi.

Driving change, one innovation at a time.

Professional headshot of Andrea Schneller with a unique white mask contouring her shape, set against a transparent background


Andrea Schneller

Co-Founder & CEO

Professional headshot of Mario Schneller with a unique white mask contouring his shape, set against a transparent background


Mario Schneller

Co-Founder & CTO

Professional headshot of Jan Franz with a unique white mask contouring his shape, set against a transparent background


Jan Franz


Professional headshot of Jennifer Fetscher with a unique white mask contouring her shape, set against a transparent background


Jennifer Fetscher

Business Development



Intern UX/UI Design



Intern Business

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What we believe in.

We use our values as the basis for our day-to-day actions: everything from how we approach our business to how we relate to others is rooted in them.



We create solutions with ease, lightness, and a positive mindset.



We change the system for the better and take ownership for our part of the game.



We trust in the power of learning and strive for professional & personal growth.



We think and act in togetherness instead of focusing on differences.



We seek balance between giving and taking for people, planet and profits.

Nice to meet you.

Our passionate team is what makes the difference and what sets us apart.

The koorvi team, consisting of Andrea, Jan, Mario, and Jennifer, standing on the Steinerne BrΓΌcke in Regensburg, with a picturesque view of the Regensburger Dom in the background. They are smiling and posing for a photo, capturing a moment of teamwork and the historic beauty of Regensburg
Andrea Schneller standing on a stage with a microphone in hand, discussing Circular Economy and Sustainability, and the role of koorvi. She appears engaged and passionate, addressing an attentive audience about the importance of environmental responsibility and how koorvi contributes to these efforts.The koorvi team, consisting of Andrea, Mario, Jan, and Emma, enjoying an offsite pizza meal. The table is laden with various pizzas, and everyone is laughing towards the camera, capturing a moment of joy and team bonding.
Jan in the office with a birthday muffin adorned with lit candles and a wrapped gift in front of him. He is blowing out the candles with a smile, celebrating his special day surrounded by the warmth of the workplace.The koorvi team during an offsite strategy workshop. Andrea, Jan, and Jennifer are seated around a table covered with Post-it notes, all intently looking at a laptop screen. The scene captures a moment of collaboration and planning, with the team engaged in a discussion about their next steps.
The koorvi team in front of the Wayra Bib, a bookshelf in the office where one can borrow specialized books on sustainability and startup topics via QR code. All are pointing and laughing at the shelf. Jan and Emma are squatting next to the shelf, while Mario lies on the floor in front of it, adding a playful atmosphere to this innovative learning resource.